A superb mushroom with a strong scent of almonds, this mushroom was initially collected wild in a secluded location in the Dandenong Ranges – resembling a small Agaricus augustus in some ways, but with a pinkish scaled cap and strong orange staining. DNA sequencing has demonstrated this strong almondy phenotype appears to be part of a species complex of small pink-capped Agaricus species found in Victoria and Tasmania in Eucalypt and occassionally pine forest. Collections have varying levels of almond smell and orange staining – and some with pale grey to chocolate brown gills.

DNA sequencing has demonstrated that these small ‘pinkies’ are actually a new and un-named Agaricus species designated JL495057 on the Genebank phylogenetic tree. This type species sits quite closely with Agaricus viridopurpurascens, Agaricus dimunitivis and Agaricus semotus.

We have now made four separate collections of JL495057 (all are 100% JL495057, 97% viridopurpurascens accept one which was closer to viridopurpurescens).

Clones were taken of a wild specimen which (unlike most Agaricus species) were very vigourous and aggressive. However these clones erupted with mites that nearly jeopardised far more than just these clones.

The smell of these mushrooms is truly amazing. I baked one for identification purposes and our house was filled with the most amazing, appetite-stimulating smell!