Agaricus subrutilescens – a new addition to Australian Agaricus

A large Agaricus we have in the past described as Agaricus austrovinaceus, DNA results came back confirming it as 99% Agaricus subrutilescens – a species that as far as we are aware has never been officially recorded in Australia before although it has been recorded in New Zealand.

To thicken the plot we were finally able to find two tentative sequences for Agaricus austrovinaceus and this mushroom came back 99% for both of those as well.

So basically it fits the macroscopic and ITS sequence characteristics of both.

The phenotype we find in the southern Dandenongs is a large, scaled cap with brownish to purplish colouring, white to grey gills that turn chocolate brown with age, a thick stipe that can be spindle shaped, meaty and often worm-ridden. The largest specimen here was 19cms in diameter so quite large.

While this appears to be an edible Agaricus species its flavour was poor.

Growing under Pinus radiate and native Messmate Eucalypt.

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