While Victoria is experiencing some amazingly dry conditions for this time of year - with trees including Eucalypts dying from lack of rain even now in April - up in Northern NSW our good friend the 'Chant Whisperer' Martin Martini has been busting the whole chant concept right open with clumping chants, white chants, brown chants and smooth chants.

Someone once emphatically told me we had about six species of chant in Australia - I think Martin has found that many in two weeks! Even Jsun had never seen some of these ones before!

Here are some of the assorted varieties:

Sorry to the customers who ordered our DFAM white oyster and have experienced ridiculous delays. A few things happened that accounts for this delay - a mite infestation, the source of the strain asking us not to sell it anymore as they will be commercialising it again in Sydney and general lack of time. In the past few months we have been working on some other projects most of which did not pan out so well but we will persist.

Thanks again for your patience folks.

Lastly we will be stopping sale of Lepista sordida and Stropharia rugosoannulata cultures. This is mainly due to lack of sales and also fairly quick genetic slide with these and we also lost a lot of our root stock of these species due to mites which had the incredible ability to traverse a sticky surface, get inside ziplock bags and then under tape. Ive got to hand it to the critters!