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February King Stropharia mayhem!!

We got a great tip from our friend Claire about a large stand of King Stropharia fruiting on the plateau behind the Dandenongs on mass. Upon arriving at the location the size (both in terms of amount and in terms of size of some of these mushrooms) literally blew our...

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King Stropharia update

Recently we noticed our new batches of King Stropharia were seeming a little sluggish. Nothing terrible, but just not quite as vigorous as they had been previously. So in the last few months we have been going back to old back up strains to find the most vigorous....

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Website ordering problems resolved

Hi everyone - we are pleased to announce that the problems with the ordering page on our website have been resolved. Thanks for your patience. We aimed to reopen on 1 November but this delayed things. We have cancelled the paypal option for payment as our...

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Feral Blue Oysters - A Selby surprise

Walking my dog the other morning we came upon a surprise - a massive bunch of Blue Oysters (possibly Pleurotus ostreatus var. columbinus) growing off mulch pushed behind a treated pine retaining wall. Clearly someone in the area has at some stage been growing these...

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Lepista sordida (the lilac blewit)

An interesting petite native Lepista that we recently confirmed - via DNA extraction and sequencing - to be Lepista sordida sourced from a wild collection from New South Wales, this mushroom looks ideal for an easy to cultivate Lepista species. We originally presumed...

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