The King Stropharia is a massive, meaty, burgundy-capped mushroom that grows traditionally in temperate regions of the United States and Northern New Zealand in Spring. It is also becoming increasingly common in Australia particularly in New South Wales.

Characterised by its wood chip substrate and its sometimes massive size, this mushroom has an interesting flavour similar to potatoes or perhaps 'deb' potatoes and it is amazingly versatile in the kitchen.

We currently stock one very impressive King Stropharia strains named '3' that was isolated from a Washington state source. It is an excellent performer both indoors and outside.

This is a warm-weather mushroom that fruits in Spring or early summer in Vic Tas.

Cultivation complexity - easy to moderate (indoors)

Main photo taken my our good friend Luke D.

The 'Pawtucket' SRA strain:

The '3' SRA strain (fruited indoors above) on agar - superb rhizos: