Macrolepiota clelandii (the Australian Parasol mushroom)

Just behind my house I was lucky to find a bunch of Australian Parasol mushrooms (Macrolepiota clelandii) growing on the verge of a gravel road as they do every year. Their stem/stipe had the snakeskin pattern seen from Macrolepiota procera which kind of demonstrates how close these are to that mushroom.

While the edibility of this species is recorded as unknown, phylogenetic examination suggests both it and Macrolepiota dolichaula are very close to the prized edible species Macrolepiota procera and there is now some heritage of consumption of this species although caution is always advised:

Photos 5-7 are images of another similar Macrolepiota species that was found under an Oak tree three days earlier. Quite similar but i was uncertain of the identity of this mushroom.





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