Marasmius oreades - the fairy ring mushroom

The Fairy Ring Champignon is a cute little guy that appears in open or manured grasslands in sometimes quite amazing fairy rings. The caps of this mushroom have a sweat flavour that goes quite well with chicken, fish as well as mixed mushroom dishes. The stem is quite flexible and chewy, thus is usually discarded before cooking. Fairy rings of this mushroom near Stonehenge, Salisbury are thought to be hundreds of years old.

This mushroom is highly prized in France (where it is called Mousseron) and Spain where it is frequently employed in a variety of dishes. It also dries very well and reconstitutes excellently maintaining its sweat flavour. In Europe the caps of this mushroom are threaded onto string and hung in a dry pantry.

At Selby Shrooms we now rely on our organically grown fairy ring mushrooms which are grown on a composted rye grass seed substrate available between March to September. Our price $22 a kilo for organically grown mushrooms.

We also sell petri dish cultures of this mushroom for $20 as well as spawn at 1, 1.5 and 2 litre sizes on request.

Selby Shrooms taste rating for this species: good.