About Selby Shrooms

A Brief Introduction

Selby Shrooms was founded by Jonathan MacGibbon who was walking his dog one day around Selby and noticing the literal tonne of edible mushroom biomass that was being ignored and rotting all around the area. He decided that if they are going to go to waste anyway, why not get them out and available to gourmet kitchens everywhere.

The main focus of our business however has been establishing a unique library of quality and fully tested/confirmed mushroom strains. These include oyster varieties, King Stropharia, Turkey tail and confirmed edible blewit strains.

Jonathan has had an interest in mushroom identification and cultivation on and off since 1999 when he first learnt to clone a wild specimen of a Macrolepiota species. In relation to our culture range, we have decided to concentrate on species with more culinary merit that were not as readily available already in Australia. King Stropharia is our bread and butter.

In terms of wild-picked mushrooms we have provided birch boletes, Saffron Milk Caps and Wood Blewits to customers between April to June.

Jonathan spends his time juggling the joys of his two young and beautiful children with his second passion for mushroom hunting and cultivation.

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