Wild Picked Brown Birch Bolete (Leccinum scabrum)


Our price – $50 per kilo!

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Our price for this wild-picked mushroom – $50 per kilo!

Regarded by many as the best edible mushroom species occurring wild in Southern Australia, the Brown Birch Bolete has a complex, nutty flavour somewhat similar to the highly prized Porcini or Cep; a complex and nuanced flavour profile. These mushrooms can grow very large, heavy and meaty and are in every way a good substitute for the highly prized European Porcini or Cep mushroom.

Perfect for Risottos, complex sauces and stews, this mushroom is highly sort after by amateur hunters and chefs alike. Our Birch Boletes are all picked wild from a private property to ensure a quality product. Supplies of fresh mushrooms can be somewhat limited due to seasonal variations, weather and the impact of pests. Yields can be sporadic and unpredictable.

Some popular patches of this mushroom receive daily traffic from hunters keen to snap up a few of these prized tasty bolete species.

Our price this season for this mushroom is $50 per kilo fresh and wild-picked. We pick only fresh, healthy young specimens.


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