Wild Picked Saffron Milk Cap (Lactarius deliciosis)


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Our price for wild picked Saffron Milk Caps – $36-38 per kilo

Introduced on its mycorrhizal host plant, Pinus radiata, and now widespread throughout pine plantation and groves throughout Southern Australia from Perth to Hobart, Melbourne to New South Wales, this mushroom is considered a favourite by amateur hunters, fresh-produce markets and foodies alike.

Excuding a milky substance on cutting and eventually bruising greenish on damage or age, this mushroom has an interesting unique crunchy texture and mild flavour and bright colour that suits a wide variety of dishes or recipes. Now often seen sold at markets and on the menus of many restaurants its culinary versitility make it an increasingly prized and popular wild species in Southern Australia.

Our pine mushrooms are picked locally in the southern foothills of the Dandenong Ranges on private property to ensure a quality product. During a solid season in April to September we can collect these in their thousands. We pick only fresh, healthy and young specimens. These mushrooms are by far our biggest seller.

Our price this season is $35-$40 per kilo fresh depending on availability.

Selby Shrooms taste rating for this species: very good.



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