wild picked Porcini available

Forget the rest; go with the best. DNA confirmed Boletus edulis / Cep / Porcini from the Adelaide hills now available.
We personally had samples of these extracted and sequenced and they came up as 100% consistent with Boletus edulis via the Genebank.
And few mushrooms are more prized than porcini!
Check our products page while still available.
Our price $80 per kilo direct from Adelaide.

13 thoughts on “wild picked Porcini available”

    • Hi there. Due to transit delays this year the Porcini we received from Adelaide was probably not at a suitable standard for sale. Perhaps in the future if they become more common in the Dandenongs we might have them fresh.

  1. I bought 1 large porcini mushroom last month on Prahan market. Apparently from Adelaide Hills.
    Did multiple attempts -tissue clones and spore techniques on grain. I think I will have some success. Got nice white mycelium in the few jars. Will wait for mycelium to become little bit more thick, and than will start to expand.

      • I know, I am scratching my head, will send you some photo on the Facebook.
        One way describes in one European blog is:
        Take oak accorns put them in the bleach solution ( to remove all other fungus,spores,bacteria’s) for an hour, than wash them in the water.
        Meanwhile take ripe old porcini and squash them in the bucket of the water, mix it thoroughly.
        Put the clean ( bleach treated) accorns in the bucket with squashed porcini than keep it there for the couple of hours.
        The rationale is that accorns will be covered in porcini spores and carry it to the soil when planted.
        Now you plant accorns, either to the pots or directly in the soil. It is lacking details what kind of soil, and if need to treat soil thermically . You would expect to pick porcini 10 years later.
        Not sure if this is confirmed in practice somewhere or this is just the theory.

        • The only method I know of with somewhat reasonable results that does not involve inoculating seedlings in a sterile environment is growing seedlings within the root arc of trees with known porcini mycorrhizae. Root to root transfer.

          • Well, that is one of the logical ways.
            But when you think about it, how does it happen naturally?
            It must be some other way.
            Do the spores from the mature mushroom get carried by the wind to the new ground, where they germinate in to mycelium, and form the bond with the trees? Or the spores fall on the seeds, where the seeds become carrier for the spores and the bond is formed when the seed germinates?

            I found info on one Croatian site,
            Chestnuts growers are buying young chesnut plants already inoculated with porcini mycelium from some Spanish nursery, so chesnut farmer has 2 crops. chesnut, and porcini.
            The inoculation is done when the plant is 2-3 years old. During the dormant period the roots of bare rooted chestnut plant are immersed briefly in the sludge containing porcini mycelium. Than the plants are planted directly to the soil as per usual way.

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